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JCourier 2000
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Products Overview

JCourier 2000 Logo JCourier 2000

JCourier 2000 is a tool that automates customer service processes and e-Marketing with the most widely used communication medium - Email. It allows you to respond to customer queries on time, everytime. It saves time and effort in sending out bulk mails such as newsletters and marketing collateral. It also enables you to keep in touch with customer queries and feedback from any email account. JCourier 2000 does all of this and more with a user-friendly interface for installation and use.

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JFTP is a 100% pure JavaTM application software that lets you to connect to the Internet and enables you to transfer files from/to a remote system using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

The unique and most important feature of JFTP is the guaranteed transfer of file(s) irrespective of the network conditions. I.e. even if the network connection fails or there is a system shutdown while a file transfer to/from the remote system is in progress, it can resume the transfer as soon as the network connection is restored or the system reboots.

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A Web based MineSweeper written in Java. Source Code included.

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