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JCourier 2000
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Usage Instructions

Place the MineSweeper.class in the same directory as your HTML file. The following is the syntax you should use in the HTML File to load the Applet.

HTML Syntax

<APPLET CODE="MineSweeper.class" WIDTH="260" HEIGHT="260">

Customizing MineSweeper

  • The number of rows and/or columnss can be changed with the parameters ROWS and COLS as shown above
  • Make sure that the minimum width of the applet should be (ROWS * 20) and the minimum height of the Applet should be (COLS * 20 + 100) to view the entire contents properly
  • Please note that The ROWS or COLS can not be less than 8. In which case the Applet will make them 8 internally
  • The number of mines will be less than or equal to (ROWS * COLS / 6)