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JCourier 2000
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  • A cross-platform product, developed in JavaTM, which can run on any JavaTM enabled platform including Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, Linux, Solaris and Unix.
  • Intuitive, easy to use, graphical, Microsoft Windows Explorer look-alike user interface to browse through, create, rename, delete and copy files and/or directories in remote as well as local systems
  • Guaranteed transfer of files to/from the remote system irrespective of the network conditions and system shutdowns
  • Enables you to connect through Proxy server
  • Support of two basic transfer types - ASCII and Binary formats
  • Automatic detection of transfer type when transferring files of multiple formats
  • Allows you to change the permissions/grants on file/directory
  • Allows you to store your favorite FTP site details. Now, FTP to your favorite site is as simple as a click of the mouse
  • Allows configurable time-out settings for machine to machine handshake. You can decide how long you want to wait for a server's response- depending on how busy it is
  • Makes anonymous FTP simpler and includes a default setting for the same
  • Reduces download mistakes by allowing setting of a default download directory
  • Comes with an easy, intuitive installation routine