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JCourier 2000
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JCourier 2000


  • A cross-platform product, developed in JavaTM, which can run on any JavaTM enabled platform.
  • Allows you to configure unlimited number of Auto-Responder accounts. i.e. you can configre the JCourier 2000 in such a way that it will be checking any number of POP-3 accounts and responding to the new mails automatically with a predefined message that is associated with each account.
  • At the same time it can forward all the mails at a different E-Mail address for all/some of those Auto-Responder accounts you have configured.
  • You can create unlimited number of Bulk Mailer accounts. For example you can have different E-Mail lists for auto-mailing news letters, product upgrades and many more as per your requirement.
  • Supports all the popular RDBMS's (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MS-Access), delimited text files, excel work books for Bulk-Mailing feature, provided you have the ODBC/JDBC drivers which allows the access to such data sources.
  • You can also schedule the Bulk-Mailing process for some or all of these Database accounts.
  • Capable of delivering 100 mails per minute (Any how this depends on the size of the message and the connectivity between JCourier 2000 and your SMTP server).
  • Guarantees the delivery of mails irrespective of the network conditions and system shutdowns.