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Cleaning up the files:

This option is provided to enhance the performance of the JCourier.

The Auto-Responder stores the headers of all the incoming E-Mails, for all the configured accounts, in a local file(s). It is necessary to delete these files when the file size becomes large. Otherwise, JCourier will take more time inorder to determine whether a particular mail that is already there in your mail box is new or not. Simply deleting the local file(s) is not sufficient to overcome this problem, but you have to delete all the mails from your POP-3 server also.

If you delete only the local files and doesn't delete the mails on the server, the next time JCourier logs into the server it will treat all the mails residing on the server as new mails which may lead to unwanted results. In order to overcome this problem, the header that are stored locally and the mails that are residing on the server need to be deleted.

You can clean up files by selecting "Options | Clean-up Files" from the menu bar. This option will clean up the Inbox files of all configured accounts as well as deletes the mails from the POP-3 servers also.

Important Note:
Please make sure that you have downloaded all the mails from all the configured accounts using your favourite E-Mail client (Out Look Express or Netscape) before choosing this option. Otherwise, you will loose the mails from the server.

Please clean-up the files when ever the file size goes above 1 MB or so for improved performance.

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