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Configuring the POP-3 accounts:
In order to add, modify delete POP-3 accounts, follow the steps given below:

The "Accounts" dialog box will be opened up as shown below.

Configuring POP-3 Accounts

In the above screen shot, the list box will show you all the configured accounts. Click on "New" Button to create a new Account. In order to remove, view or edit an existing account, select the desired account from the list. Click on the "Remove" button to remove an account, Click on the "Properties" button to view or edit the account properties. A Click on the "Close" button will simply close the "Accounts" dialog box.

Creating a New Account:
Click on the "New" button in the "Accounts" dialog box, a new dialog box called "Account Properties" will be displayed as shown below.

Account Properties

In the above dialog box fill all the details by following the guidelines given below:

Account Name:
Here specify a friendly name for this account. E.g. if this account belongs to your POP-3 account, then you may keep the name as "your name". But make sure that it is not too lengthy, doesn't have too many special characters. JCourier will create two files with the specified name, one with ".ibx" extension (Inbox) and the other with ".obx" (Outbox) in the "install dir\data\accounts". So make sure that your operating system allows you to create files with the name you specify in this field.

From Address:
In this field, specify the from address i.e. your E-Mail address (not necessarily your actual E-Mail address). This address will be used by JCourier when Auto Replying to new E-Mails that are coming into this account.

User ID:
In this field, specify the User ID of your POP-3 account. Usually the POP-3 servers will require a User Name and a Password to access a mail box.

In this field, you specify the Password for your POP-3 account. This userID and password, will be used by JCourier to login to your POP-3 Server.

POP-3 Server:
In this field, specify the host name or IP address of your POP-3 server . JCourier will try to connect to the server you specify here to check for any new E-Mails in this account.

POP-3 Port:
Here you specify the Port No on which your POP-3 server is running. The default port no is 110. But, by any means, if your POP-3 server is running on a different port other than the default one, specify that port number here.

This is the maximum time in minutes, the JCourier will wait to get response from your server. If you specify "2" in this field, JCourier will wait for a maximum of 2 minutes to get a response from your POP-3 server. If your server didn't respond to JCourier with in two minutes, then JCourier will terminate the connection temporarily and will try again at a later time.

Message File:
Here you will specify a ".txt"or ".htm" or ".html" file which will be sent as a reply to the new mails that come into this account. In this file, you can write your message, you want to send. For e.g. If this account is to give the product details to your web site users, then the file may contain all of your product details.

Forward Mails to:
Check this check box if you want that the mails reaching this mailbox are to be forwarded to another E-Mail address. Enter the new E-Mail address in the text field provided infront of the check box. JCourier will forward all the mails automatically to the address you specified.

When you are done with this, press the "Test" button if you want to check whether or not every thing is right. When you press the "Test" button, JCourier will actually try to connect to the POP-3 server you have specified and try to login with the user name and password you have supplied. If every thing goes right, you will get a message saying that "The settings are OK.", otherwise, you will get an appropriate error message.

After testing the configuration, press "OK" button to save the account properties. The new account will be added to the list in the "Accounts" dialog. Now, close the "Accounts" dialog by pressing the "Close" button and start the JCourier by pressing the "Start" icon on the tool bar. JCourier will check for the new mails in all the POP-3 accounts and responds to the sender with the message you have written in the message file. Also, it will forward the mails at other E-Mail address, provided the "forward all mails to" check box is checked.

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