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Want to send automatic replies to the E-Mails that reach your mailbox?

Want to acknowledge the E-Mails you receive from your web site users?

Unable to access E-Mails that reach your corporate mailbox when out of work place and want them to be forwarded at a different E-Mail address (may be a web based E-mail account)?

Fedup of sending weekly newsletters, product upgrades to your subscribers, clients manually??

Surely you are looking for the above all in-one package that too for free of cost... WOW... the solution is ... JCourier.

JCourier is a pure java application software with built-in Auto-Responding, Auto-Forwarding, and Auto-Mailing features.

An Auto-Responder is an application that checks one or more E-Mail accounts for new mails and responds to each new mail with a predefined message. This is especially useful for corporates who will be getting hundreds of mails from the web site requesting the product details, pricing of a product, or any feed back or a bug about a product. In the above said case, an Auto-Responder can reply to them immediately with the product details, pricing or acknowledgement of the feedback or bug the user has submitted, with out any human efforts and delay. An Auto-Responder also comes handy when you are going out for vacations from where you can not access the mails, in which case you can ask the senders to contact you at your phone number by sending an automatic reply.

This feature is very useful when you are out of your work place and can not access your corporate mail box. In that case, you might be looking for an utility that will forward your mails to other e-mail accounts that you have (basically web-based email accounts like Hotmail) so that you can access your mails form any where in the world.

This feature is useful if you have to send thousands of mails to every day, week or month to your subscribers, or when you want to let you know about your new prodcut/product upgrades to your exsting clients. JCourier will do this for you with a single click in its own way by interacting with your corporate database in which you have the E-mail addresses of your subscribers/clients and send them a predefined message which could be your news letter or a product upgrade.


The only limitation of JCourier is, your receiving mail server must be a POP-3 server. JCourier does not support IMAP protocol.

System requirements:

 Want to know more about JCourier ?
See the on-line documentation which will show you what all you can do with JCourier and how to do it along with screen shots of JCourier in action.

Downloading JCourier: 

Download JCourier 1.0